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Recreational & Competitive Pinball in and around the Port City of Wilmington NC.

The Cape Fear Flipper Club was formed in 2018 in Wilmington, NC. 

We offer the opportunity to play both recreational and competitive pinball with over 50 regularly scheduled tournaments as well as several other individual, team and Women's events throughout the year. 

The Cape Fear Flipper Club consists of Internationally-ranked pinball competitors as well as people who have only played a few games in their life, and everyone in between.  We are an inclusive group, welcoming all individuals interested in learning more about and most importantly, playing pinball. 

No prior experience or skill level is needed to have fun!

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Components of a Pinball Competitor

Show up

The first rule of pinball is to play pinball.  There is no substitute for flipping the flippers, watching other players, and learning how to keep the ball in play longer to score higher points.  Play often and try different machines when you can.  Try to beat your last high score, ask questions and be open to learn.


Pinball takes time to learn and get better at a variety of skills and techniques.  It is a combination of all your senses and requires patience, practice and developed motor skills.  There are many nuances that can be improved on over time and in some cases takes a lifetime to master.

Positive Attitude

Sometimes the pinball gives and sometimes it takes away.  With pinball, the ball will always drain.  This can be frustrating at times, but is part of what makes pinball so much fun.  Try to play better each and every time.  To do this, the biggest thing to keep in mind is to always have fun and stay positive.

Become Ranked

Many of our members started with no experience and are now professionally ranked players in the state and the world.  Many more simply play for the camaraderie and fun of getting together with friends.  Regardless of your reasons for joining a pinball club, you get out what you put in.

Cape Fear Flipper Club Officers

The Volunteers who make it possible

Eric "Zootie" Sutton

Founding Member - Playing competitive pinball since 2016, Eric is currently ranked in the top 50 players in North Carolina and top 2500 in the world.  He is responsible for overseeing and organizing all of the CFFC events and tournaments in Wilmington and throughout other parts of North Carolina.

Dave MacQueen

Founding Member - Dave was new to pinball when joined the group in 2019.  He is currently ranked in the top 50 players in North Carolina and is responsible for collecting, recording and analyzing the results from our tournament and league events and providing an entertaining and detailed recap of each event.

Kimberly Faulkenberry

Founding Member - Kimberly (along with her husband Luke) joined the club in 2019.  She is currently a top ranked player in the Women's division in North Carolina and is responsible for collecting dues and managing the financial operation of the club.

Meghan Cook
Social Media Manager

Meghan is also one of the top female pinball players in North Carolina and has been playing pinball since 2019.  She is responsible for managing our social media channels and is also a very funny stand-up comic. MULTIBAAAALLL!

Luke Faulkenberry
Tournament Rules Director

Founding Member - Luke has been playing competitive pinball since 2018 and is currently ranked in the top 20 players in North Carolina and top 1600 of the world.  He manages the tournament rules in accordance with PAPA and the IFPA and helps organize local tournaments.

Kevin Myers
SC Tournament Director

Kevin has been playing competitive pinball since 2011 and is currently ranked in the top 60 players in North Carolina and top 3000 of the world.  He organizes and runs our South Carolina Tournaments with the in Murrells Inlet Pinheads.

Travel Team Coordinator

We are looking for a volunteer to update our event calendar with upcoming local and travel pinball events, as well as assist with group registration & accommodations for travel tournaments (as needed). 

Content Creator

We are looking for a volunteer to help create content, take photos, manage the website and assist Meghan with social media.

Assistant Tournament Director

We are looking for another volunteer to help run and organize tournaments in North Carolina.



Cape Fear Spirits & Beer

Official home location for the Cape Fear Flipper Club, we host weekly tournaments and seasonal pinball leagues (as well as launch parties and other fun events) located at Cape Fear Spirits & Beer at 139 N Front St in Wilmington NC

Cape Fear Wine And Beer


Coastal Hemp Company

Our newest official CFFC boutique location for casual play and chill vibes is Coastal Hemp Company at 8211 Market St Unit CC in Wilmington NC

Coastal Hemp Company


Player 1Up  - Murrells Inlet SC

CFFC's official SC home for pinball!  Join the Murrells Inlet Pinheads for monthly tournaments and seasonal pinball leagues at Player 1Up at 3264 US-17 Business, Murrells Inlet, SC

Player 1Up - Murrells Inlet


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