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Fellow pinheads, I couldn’t be more excited to report back on the 1st week of the CFFC’s 10th pinball league. After all, it’s been awhile since our last season in Spring of 2022. This week we had 14 players onsite for competition with another 4 players (myself, Tory MacQueen, Dale Becker, and Melissa Becker) competing through planned preplay scores. Unfortunately, 2 competitors could not make it and needed to take forfeits on the evening. Since it’s been awhile since our last season, I thought I’d take a minute to remind everyone of the league scoring system. Each week a player will be placed in one of 5 groups based on their league play to date. In the present season, these will always be 4 player groups. Each group then plays matches on each of the 5 machines and will receive points based upon how they fared relative to the other players in their group. The scores that players receive for each match will be based on “game points” and “bonus points” (see images from the ruleset attached to this post). Game points are fairly straightforward; The players are ordered in terms of their score and will receive either 3, 2, 1, or 0 game points. 2 Bonus points (also known as match points) will then be assigned based on how close the competition was between players. The first bonus point will be given to the player with the top score (“player 1”) if their score was greater than that of player 2 and 3 combined; otherwise this point will go to player 3. The second bonus point will go to player 2 if their score is greater than that of player 3 and 4 combined; Otherwise, the second bonus point will go to player 4. At the end of the evening, game points and bonus points are added up for each player to yield their total score for the night.
After each week of league, players will be assigned to groups for the next week. For each group, the top two performing players will get elevated into the next higher competition group, while the lower two will move down to the next lower competition group. In the case of a forfeit (e.g. a player is not able to participate in a match), the player will receive 2 “effective points” for each match they needed to forfeit. Effective points count towards group reassignment but do not count towards their overall point total for the league. Thus, it is possible that a player who needed to forfeit all of their matches for the evening may nonetheless find themselves elevated into a more competitive group for the next week of play. This prevents players from forfeiting matches for the purpose of moving to a lower group where play may be less competitive.
So, how did everyone do? Well unsurprisingly, Luke Faulkenberry led the pack on the evening with an impressive 19 points from play. This is a particularly impressive point hall given that he was playing against group 1 competitors. Jay Sutton (Group 4) came in second with 17 points, followed by Dylan Lipscomb (Group 2) with 16 points. While off to a good start, these players cannot rest on their laurels as 9 weeks of group play remain. Let’s break down the action Group by Group.
Group 1
As already noted, Luke dominated group 1, winning 2 matches and earning 19 total points (16 game points and 3 bonus points). In the process, he also set the league-wide high scores for both games he won (Monster Bash, and Godzilla). Yours truly finished 2nd through preplays with a win on Jurassic Park and a nailbiter win on Iron Maiden by less than 1 million points. It was enough for 12 points (10 game points, 2 bonus points). Despite a wrist injury, Eric Sutton finished 3rd with 10 points (8 game points, 2 bonus points), including a win on Foo Fighters. Alas, Dale Becker’s preplays were not enough to pass other competitors but, he finished with a respectable 7 points (6 game points, 1 bonus point). Of all of the matches, Iron Maiden was particularly close with less than 12 million points separating the top 3 players. As a result of week 1 play, Luke and Dave will remain in Group 1 to face Ryan Kirkendall and Dylan Lipscomb in week 2. Dale and Eric will join Group 2 to faceoff against Gary Dean and Ed Tank.
Group 2
Dylan Lipscomb got it done in Group 2, winning three matches (Godzilla, Iron maiden, and Foo Fighters) for a total of 16 points (13 game points, 3 bonus points). In the process, he also set the current league-wide high score for Iron Maiden. Ryan Kirkendall did not get a win on the night but, did enough in the other matches to finish in second with a cool 14 points (12 game points, 2 bonus points). Brian Stubbs settled into 3rd with a win on Jurassic Park (surprise, surprise) and a haul of 10 points (8 game points, 2 bonus points). However, Tory’s preplays kept her close on Brian’s heels with a win on Monster Bash and a final total of 8 points (7 game points, 1 bonus point). For week 2, Ryan and Dylan will get elevated to Group 1 where they’ll encounter Luke and Dave. Tory and Brian will be regrouped into Group 3, joining Jay Sutton and Kameula Kaneshiro.
Group 3
Play was particularly tight in Group 3 with three matches (Foo Fighters, Monster Bash, and Iron Maiden) being nail biters. In the end, Gary Dean won the day with 15 total points (12 game points, 3 bonus points). This included a win on Jurassic Park that set the current league-wide record for the game. With a win on Foo Fighters, Ed Tank cruised to second picking up 12 points in the process (10 game points, 2 bonus points). Marty Henion won both Monster Bash and Iron Maiden with bonus points but, was only able to pick up 1 point out of the other three matches and finished in third (11 points). Dane Bryant picked up a win on Godzilla to ensure that each player in Group 3 won a match. He finished just a point shy of Marty (10 points; 9 game points and 1 bonus). Next week, Gary and Ed will be elevated to Group 2 and match up with Eric and Dale. Meanwhile, Dane and Marty will join Group 4 to play Meghan Cook and Jon Mann.
Group 4
Second only to Luke on the night, Jay Sutton landed an impressive 17 points (14 game points, 3 bonus points) from Group 4. This included a bonus point win on Godzilla and also a bonus point win on Foo Fighters that set the league-wide record for that machine. Kamu Kaneshiro also had a nice night, winning Iron Maiden with a bonus point and collecting 14 points (12 game points and 2 bonus points). Both Jay and Kamu will move on up to Group 3 where they are likely to face stiff competition from Tory and Brian. Winning both Jurassic Park and Monster Bash, Jared M. Cline earned a very respectable point total (12 points; 10 game points, 2 bonus points) but found himself in 3rd for the night. Rounding out the group, Feletia Lee picked up 5 points for her total (4 game points, 1 bonus point). Feletia and Jared will test their skills against Melissa Becker and Bryson Burkholder in Group 5 for Week 2.
Group 5
Unfortunately, two players from Group 5 (Jon Mann and Bryson Burkholder) were not able to make it this Tuesday and had to forfeit all 5 matches. This left Meghan Cook and Melissa Becker to compete mano y mano. Meghan eked out the victory, winning Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, and Godzilla to the tune of 14 points (11 game points, 3 bonus points). Melissa was not far behind however, winning Monster Bash and Jurassic Park for 10 points on the evening (9 game points, 1 bonus point). As you’ll recall, players who need to forfeit matches are assigned “effective points” for each match when regrouping determinations are made. As a result, Jon will join Meghan in moving up to Group 4 for a week 2 showdown against Marty and Brian. Melissa and Brian will welcome Jared and Feletia to Group 5.
Movers, Shakers, and Tilters:
As a result of Week 1 play, Luke, Jay, and Dylan lead the pack in points. Points are meaningful; They indicate how a player matched up in his respective group and if you collect enough of them, you’ll make the playoffs at the end of the season. However, points don’t always tell the full story of play on any given evening. Another metric of performance is the “outscored percentage”, which reflects the percentage of matches a player would have won if they played every other player in league on every machine that night. Consistent with his stellar point total, Luke led the league in Week 1 with an impressive 90.59% outscored. He was followed by yours truly (70.59%) and Dylan Lipscomb (64.71%). In the pictures included with this post, you’ll also see a table listing the “win/loss” summary. This reflects an alternative approach to evaluating how a player performed against others in their group on the night. For each competitor a player bested in a match on the evening, a “win” is recorded, while a loss is noted for each competitor who outplayed the player in a match. Unsurprisingly, Luke leads the pack in win/loss percentage with an 80% rating. Dylan finished close behind at 73.33%, followed by a tie between Jared and Kamu at 66.67%.
Lastly, personal season high scores and league wide season highs bear consideration. Considering it was the first week of the Winter League, every player set their personal season high score on every single machine this week. Congratulations! With regard to league-wide high scores, Luke claimed two machines, Monster Bash and Godzilla. Dylan is the champ for Iron Maiden, Gary is looking after Jurassic Park, and Jay is the reigning fighter of Foo. Now, let’s see how long these records last. Here are the current machine titles:
Foo Fighters Pro:
Jay Sutton; 75,641,110 points
1 consecutive week
(2.48 times the league average)
Godzilla Pro:
Luke Faulkenberry; 546,862,250 points
1 consecutive week
(4.54 times the league average)
Iron Maiden Pro:
Dylan Lipscomb; 390,940,250 points
1 consecutive week
(5.60 times the league average)
Jurassic Park Premium:
Gary Dean; 156,805,020 points
(2.62 times the league average)
Monster Bash SE:
Luke Faulkenberry; 23,867,310 points
1 consecutive week
(6.73 times the league average)
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